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  • New Attendance feature provides office staff the ability to quickly and easily add or update daily or meeting attendance records for a single student in a slide-out drawer on the Attendance data grid (Start Page > Attendance). Click here for more details.

  • New Quick Incident screen makes it a snap to add local incidents. When created from the student pages, the student is automatically entered into the incident and assigned the role of offender. Additionally, the traditional Create Detailed Incident tool is still available for suspensions and incidents that are reported to the State. Click here for more details.

  • 2020-21 school year is now available in Powerschool. FWEC can begin enrolling incoming students for next year. Middle and high schools can begin working in Powerscheduler.

  • Teachers can now enter citizenship, effort and standard marks for dropped students. In the past office staff would have to enter this for teachers. Now teachers can easily access dropped students to enter these grades.

  • Immunization rules for Varicella have been updated so they are calculating correctly again.

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